Back in January 2018 at the Association of Performing Arts Professionals’ Conference (APAP|NYC), we partnered with Lotus Lee Foundation to create a one of a kind experience where artists, performers, musicians, directors, and producers got the opportunity to pitch their talents and ideas on video!

In total, 20 participants shared what they wished to promote and showcase to performing arts audiences worldwide. Here’s our three 2018 Pitch Your Talent Contest winners! Get to know Dipti Mehta, Marco Acerbi, and Jordon Waters in their pitches below.


Dipti Mehta

1 actor. 7 characters. A journey halfway across the world. Dipti Mehta talks about her one-woman show HONOUR: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan.


Marco Acerbi

Looking for some laughs? Do you love cooking? Check out the cooking comedy trio 3Chefs from Cirque of Life’s Marco Acerbi!


Jordon Waters

Jordon Waters from TheyGotTime talks about their show Rebirth of Rabbit’s Foot, an extravaganza where vaudeville meets hip-hop and other modern stylings!


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