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Deaf performers have extraordinary talents. More than you can maybe imagine from the deaf community. Many deaf performers can be found at Deaf Expos or local community Deaf events in the loc. Deaf performers are pretty impressive, but what is mind-blowing is many of the deaf performers translate the music, movies, tv shows, or performing arts from the hearing community without hearing sounds. They dance, perform comedy and do many other things just like their hearing counterparts. Curious enough to learn more about these deaf performers?

There are various ways how the Deaf, Deaf/Blind, or CODA perform for the Deaf Community. Here are our favorite performers that the Deaf Community will be thrilled to see at our next Expo in October:


Emery Stalzer

Emery Stalzer is a 12 years old fearless deaf child that would be willing to take any stage to perform. The Deaf Community remembers Emery by his unique way of dressing up that stands out in the crowd. Everyone loves Emery for his classic bow ties and colorful clothes. This kid will always take time to do storytelling to the Deaf and Deaf/Blind kids of his age and younger.


Justin Perez

Justin Perez is a rising star and very well known for Visual Vernacular. Visual Vernacular is a unique, highly physical theatrical form, primarily performed by Deaf artists. (Visual Vernacular, 2019) Perez’s facial expression while performing his visual vernacular is almost too perfect and easily keeps the Deaf audience’s attention during the entire performance. Perez has been practicing Visual Vernacular for many years and learned its founder, Bernard Bragg. When Perez is not performing on the stage, he is currently working at a Deaf School teaching other Deaf how to perform Visual Vernacular!


Fred Beam & Sunshine 2.0

Fred Beam & Sunshine 2.0 are one of the most demanding deaf performances to see at the Deaf Expo. Fred Beam has been performing since the 1980s doing dancing, ASL storytelling, and other performing arts. Today, Beam is the coordinator for Sunshine 2.0 that consists of four Deaf talents performing on the stage for the Rochester Institute of Technology. Beam and Sunshine 2.0 will take the stage and be entertaining the audience throughout the entire day during the Deaf Expo!


The Dance Troupe – Florida School for the Deaf & the Blind

The Dance Troupe from Florida School for the Deaf & the Blind is a group of talented students of all ages. Their exceptional skills on the stage dancing to the songs that some can’t hear or others can’t see are amazing! Their skills and abilities have proven that this group of Deaf and Blind kids are capable of doing such fantastic dancing without hearing the lyrics or sounds. Instead, they are able to feel the beats and their feet pounding on the stage. You know what’s interesting about the dance troupe? There could be a Deaf/Blind student on the team or leading a song.


There are many other Deaf performers, Deaf actors, and Deaf artist out there than we have listed here. There are always new Deaf talents out there that are up and coming. The important thing is to remember, that the deaf performers are capable of doing anything except hear. You don’t always need to hear to perform! The Deaf Community depends on these Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind or CODA performers for their entertainment. Don’t forget to check out It’s a Deaf Thing – Deaf Expo to see what Deaf performers we will be having this year! You can find us at

It’s a Deaf Thing is expecting its 2019 edition to be the biggest expo they've had of all time - and will be including many of the Deaf performers above!

Writer’s Bio: Terry Hunt
Along with his business ventures on web design, search engine optimization and social media marketing, photography, video editing, and shirt printing, Terry Hunt is a volunteer for It’s a Deaf Thing. As a Deaf Business Owner himself, Hunt’s goal is to push this nonprofit to help the Deaf Business Owners, Deaf Related Business and Deaf-Friendly Business Owners.

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