We love musicals. We love great songs and with great songs sometimes, comes a need to sing some karaoke. Karaoke is a type of entertainment where people sing popular songs over a prerecorded backing track.

This type of entertainment is perfect for bars, clubs, and parties. If you are a fan of musicals as well as karaoke, here are a few suggestions from us of great songs from five different musicals we feel would be great the next time you are planning on singing karaoke.


1. Rocky Horror Picture Show

Opening with the haunting “Science Fiction – Double Feature” a pair of red stained lips begin the story of Brad and Janet. The next number just so happens to utilize on of the character’s names, “Damn It, Janet,” where our hero proclaims his love to his would-be bride. The celibate duo has car trouble and finds themselves at the home of Dr. Frank N. Furter, who makes his presence known singing the forever sensual musical number “Sweet Transvestite.”

Of course, “The Time Warp” is arguably the most popular of all the songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Still, we remember Janet begging in “Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch” and are instantly in love with Eddie when he proclaims “Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul).”

There is a reason this sexually driven musical has been showing in theaters every year at midnight on Halloween, we have a sneaking suspicion it’s the catchy rockin’ songs.


2. Purple Rain

Kid is a rising star at the club he plays with his band The Revolution and the songs are proof as to why this group is making waves. With tunes like “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Take Me with U,” Prince takes us on a journey through his alter ego’s experiences at a trying time in his life.

“The Beautiful Ones” is another testament to the top-notch songwriting that makes this musical so good breaking our heart with every chord. We watch Prince, or The Kid, dance his way across the stage during “I Would Die4 U” and are turned on when he becomes overtly sexual during “Darling Nikki.” When you add “Baby I’m a Star” the upbeat numbers in this musical are as good as it gets.

Prince, being the entity he was, couldn’t leave it at that. We have the iconic “When Doves Cry” and title track “Purple Rain” solidify Prince at the top of musical songwriting by a single artist. If anything, Purple Rain proves that the music in a musical is vital for its success. Without it, we don’t believe Prince’s attempt at movie making would have done as well as it did at the box office.


3. Grease

Grease has great songs. From the “Summer Nights” in the very beginning when Danny and Sandy are reminiscing about their beach fling to their friends to the ending when the whole cast sings “We Go Together”, the adored musical Grease does not disappoint when it comes to songs.

Who can forget Rizzo’s teasing number “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” when she offends Sandy. Or her confident verses in “There are Worse Things I Can Do.” Our hearts melt when Danny sings to his beloved “Sandy” and there isn’t a dry eye when Sandy laments in “Hopelessly Devoted to You”


4. The Wizard of Oz

This list couldn’t be around without the Wizard of Oz. Somewhere “Over the Rainbow” draws us in at the very beginning and from there we are propelled with Dorothy into a new colorful and musical world. We sing along with “The Witch is Dead” and watch the infamous “Lollypop Guild” praise Dorothy’s bravery, although we doubt these latter songs would be easy to find at a karaoke club.

While this musical comes with a slew of amazing songs like “If I Only Had a Brain” and “King of the Forest” it isn’t a stretch to say that “Over the Rainbow” is by far the most popular song. Especially after the popular cover of the tune by Hawaiian Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole this tune has become a karaoke favorite.


5. The Sound of Music

This particular musical keeps finding its way on our lists, but that just tells us it has the kind of songs musicals need to make it. What kind is that? The catchy kind.

“I Have Confidence” is a great sing-along song with a declaration of being happy with who you are. “My Favorite Things” has found its way into our Christmas song list and is probably the easiest of all the songs in this musical to find on a karaoke list.

Still, “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” not only takes us through one of the sweetest love scenes it also confirms a tight relationship between a seventeen-year-old girl with her new step-mother. Then there is “Edelweiss,” a lovely number praising Austria and a flower that grows there.

“Something Good” is the tune playing when Maria and The Captain realize they love each other in the gazebo and “The Lonely Goatherd” gets us yodeling every time. Mix these musical numbers with the title track “The Sound of Music” and this is the stuff that legendary musicals are made of.


6. Hairspray

Our last musical on the karaoke list is filled with one great song after another. We aren’t sure how easy it is to find these tunes on a karaoke list but there is no denying that this musical has tunes that are as entertaining alone as they are within the context of the musical storyline. This is a great achievement for any musical.

From the point where Corny Collins is first introducing us to the dancers on his show while singing “The Nicest Kids in Town” to the point where our heroine Tracy Turnblad and her mother dance around Baltimore to “Welcome to the Sixties” it is evident that the tunes written for this work are timeless. We can’t forget civil rights anthems “I Know Where I’ve Been” and “You Can’t Stop the Beat” nor the comical “The New Girl in Town.”

It is easy to see why any song from the musical Hairspray would be included on a karaoke list.


7. Mama Mia!

This musical was created around the very songs that keep karaoke alive. There is no argument that the songs of ABBA have been in the hearts of fans long before this musical was ever an idea. Without the songs, there would be no musical and the success of the productions had a great deal to do with the music it was based on.

So, we think this musical is the obvious choice for our list because even people who have never seen Mama Mia! might choose an ABBA song to sing. Between “Dancing Queen”, “Take a Chance on Me”, “The Winner Takes It All”, and the title track “Mama Mia” this musical is probably the most karaoke-worthy on our list.

Of course, when tied in with the story created for the music, it takes these ABBA songs to a whole new level.  


PS: The musical depicted in the feature photograph is Dangerous Liaisons, you should give it a try!

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