We’re excited to release our newest original series Cennarium Conversations! In this show, each episode features an exclusive interview with performers and arts professionals from all over the world.

If you love The Phantom of the Opera or Broadway shows, we got you covered in our first episode. We sat down with Phantom’s longest-running Christine Daaé Sandra Joseph and Broadway actor Ron Bohmer. Check out what we learned from our entertaining conversation with them.


Sandra Joseph’s Favorite Song from the Phantom of the Opera

You’d be surprised to learn what Sandra’s favorite song is from the long-running Broadway musical. Take a guess and see if you’re right in this clip.


Sandra Joseph’s Phantom of the Opera Audition

Did you know it took Sandra three times to successfully land the leading role of Christine Daaé? Learn how she did it in this video.


Working with Andrew Lloyd Webber

What is it like to work with Andrew Lloyd Webber? Ron and Sandra talk about their experiences working with the legendary composer and mastermind behind many musical theatre hits, including Cats, Evita, and Phantom.


Most Difficult Part of Being Broadway Performers

In the world of Broadway, competition is stiff, and the stakes are very high. Performers are under a lot of pressure to be at their best all the time. Sandra and Ron reveal their biggest challenges and how they overcame them as performers.


Sandra Joseph’s Book: “Unmasking What Matters”

Sandra talks about the inspirations behind her latest book, “Unmasking What Matters: 10 Life Lessons from 10 Years on Broadway.” Her book, featuring lessons she learned during her career, was published during the same week as The Phantom of the Opera’s 30th anniversary on Broadway. It’s now an Amazon #1 International Bestseller!


Views on Performing Arts Shows and Streaming Platforms

Many performing arts and Broadway shows run for a limited time. According to a recent poll, nearly 60% of Americans subscribe to some type of streaming service. Sandra and Ron share why they’re excited to see how these platforms will help make the performing arts more accessible to audiences worldwide.

Want to watch our full interview with Sandra Joseph and Ron Bohmer? View the complete Cennarium Conversations episode here.

Blog Header Photo Credit: Genevieve Rafter Keddy

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