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Now that the Tony’s have passed you’ll be seeing “winner of 3 Tony Awards” or with “Tony Winner…” on every show poster that was lucky enough to win at the show. And if you’re a real theater goer then chances are you already have that itch that you can only scratch by going to see as many Tony winners as you can.

So we’ve decided to help you scratch your itch by making a list of the biggest Tony winners from 2016 and how you can see them.

Whether you are wrapped up in the chaos that Hamilton has created or are looking for something a little more down to earth, this list will tell you when and where you can find some of the best plays in the world today.

Best Play: The Humans

The Humans walked into the night with 6 nominations and walked away with 4 awards, including best play.

The Humans is the story of the Blakes. A family that’s made of people we all know and probably act just like members of our own family. When the Blakes gather for Thanksgiving dinner their past and presents all collide and mix in a well-structured story that will leave you more in touch with middle class life in America than ever before.

Hopefully you saw this play before it hit Broadway because all signs are pointing that it will be there for a while. It toured in Chicago and off broad way before opening at the Helen Hayes Theater where it is now.

The Humans is booked on Broadway at least until the end of 2016, so your only chance to see it this year is to take a trip to New York.

Best Musical: Hamilton

This is probably the one you’ve heard the most about, and for good reason.

Hamilton has been described by most critics and audiences as the biggest thing to happen to theater in this millennium, and people are flocking to it like moths to a flame. It doesn’t help that it won a whopping 11 Tony awards including best musical.

Hamilton is the awesome story of one of America’s founding fathers Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton grew up in the West Indies before immigrating to the Colonies that he would one day help turn into the United States of America. But this isn’t just a dry play musical about the founding of America. The music is inventive and combines some of modern America’s best music genres like jazz, blues, hip hop, pop, and Broadway.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the star and creator of Hamilton, will be leaving the show on July 9th to focus on other projects. If you’d like to see it before then you’ll need to get lucky and have your checkbook ready. Tickets are already in high demand and a pair can cost you thousands and even 10’s of thousands on secondary markets.

If that doesn’t sound like your type of deal, the show will be leaving Broadway and opening in Chicago on September 27th without Manuel Miranda. After that there is a 2017-2018 tour planned that will travel through Most of America. There is also a plan for a London production of the show but nothing has been set in stone yet.

Best Revival: A View from The Bridge

The revival of Arthur Miller’s A View from The Bridge is the story of Eddie Carbone. Carbone is a dock worker in 1950’s Brooklyn who lives with his wife and his niece, but after the arrival of two new characters Carbone loses his hold on his world and does everything in his power to get it back.

Unfortunately, A View from The Bridge was running on a strictly limited run that closed on February 21st of this year. It is popular play, especially after winning a Tony. The best way to see A View from The Bridge is to stay patient and find a smaller production.

Best Revival of a Musical: The Color Purple

The Color Purple is a classic story set in rural Georgia during the 1900s. Celie is a teenager who is introduced the world and how cruel reality can be, but then her perspective is changed when she meets a pair of young characters come into her life.

It is based on the 1982 Pulitzer prize-winning novel and has been on Broadway and touring for the past several years. The award winning version is scheduled to show at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater until December 18th. There is nothing scheduled after that date for now, but this musical is theater favorite so don’t worry if you can’t make it, another revival or running of the show will be around sometime soon.

These are only the big winners from the Tony’s. What other Tony winners would you suggest people see? Where and when can they be seen? Comment below and let us know!

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