With the success of “Close My Body” music video, Fernanda Perfeito just yesterday released her next single “Quero” in her YouTube channel – specifically on the International Day of Happiness, March 20th.

Fernanda shares the reason why: “happiness is a state of mind and spirit, and I am constantly pursuing it.  I decided to release “Quero” on such day so that people can spread positive vibes, sharing the video with the hashtag #InternationalDayOfHappiness and defining what happiness is to them!” The song was written by Guilherme Almeida and Adel Luiz Youssef.

The below Q&A will give you a better image of who Fernanda is and how she became such an all-around artistic star:

1. When and how did you get involved in the artistic world?

Fernanda Perfeito: I come from a very artistic family, but no one else is in the music field. As a child I took piano and acoustic guitar lessons, was part of the city choirs, and got into some music festivals from my hometown. It didn’t take long to find out my passion for singing.

At the age of 16 I decided I would make a living off of music. So I went to Curitiba, Paraná to take the Brazillian version of the SAT tests and I got accepted into the Music and Fine Arts of Paraná University. At the age of 20 I graduated in Music Education.

While in college I lead a band – we would play mostly music from the 1980s – and took on gigs in several night clubs and bars around the city.  I was taking my voice lessons exclusively with the great singer Neyde Thomas. During the day I would study Classical Music and at night I would Rock & Roll! My lessons of Body Expression were rather important to me as I could now understand and respect the boundaries of my body while I sang and acted.

At that time I met my music partner Guilherme Almeida, with whom I collaborate till today. He’s been part of the entire creation process of these two last works: QUERO and Close My Body.


2. You act as well. How do the two areas communicate?

Fernanda Perfeito: After graduating in music I felt the need of something else, just as if I would need some more “cream”on top of my dessert! I have always been interested in the art of the interpretation, so it made sense for me that Musical Theater would let me explore all of it and more. You can act without singing, but for singing acting is vital.


3. How is your career today? What are your future projects?

Fernanda Perfeito: At this moment I am launching my music video, and already working on the next one, developing the music, lyrics and the script…I like being involved in the whole process.

Regarding musicals, I am very excited to be part of a new Musical called  “Anthropomorphic” by Timmy Young where it will be playing in June in South Carolina and in July in Brooklyn. The music score is absolutely beautiful.


4. What are the challenges of living away from home?

Fernanda Perfeito: You leave your home with a bag full of things that are your “roots.” Once you arrive at your new destination, you find there another one just about the same size all empty beside you, waiting to be filled up with all the new stories and memories that you haven’t yet experienced. Sometimes it is hard to be far from home, but time shows that your family and friends will always be there for you no matter how far you are. USA has been great to me since I first came here. In between following my wish to become an opera singer in Italy or a musical theatre performer in the US, I decided to stay on this side of the pond, having with me only a little tourist bag that I brought to have a 7-day vacation in NYC.


5. How do you define your music?

Fernanda Perfeito: I don’t really like defying my music, but I can talk about its influences and what elements I bring to the table to create it: using classical instruments on my pop songs, looking at inspiring images before writing my songs to get that soundtrack feeling, applying tribal percussion… to list a few examples.


6. List who do you get inspired by:

Fernanda Perfeito: Alan Menken; Stephen Sondheim; Adriana Calcanhoto; Leoni; Marisa Monte;  Teatro Mágico;  Ney Matogrosso.


7. You are from South of Brazil, naturally you carry your country with you. What are your best memories from your hometown?

Fernanda Perfeito: The afternoons that my mom would turn on the radio to listen to stories and to Brazilian music. When I used to wear my nightdress on my head to pretend I had long hair and then reenacting some of my favorite movie parts in front of the mirror. Classic! Another one: Pretending to speak English with the people at the bus stop. Seriously that language should have been acknowledged because I really felt like communicating! (laughs) Drinking “Chimarrão”(a very typical hot beverage from the South of Brazil) at my grandma’s house. And riding my bicycle like there was no tomorrow in the neighborhoods – now I ride it in the Big Apple!! It is a very pleasant feeling when I am riding my bike in the city and thinking about where I came from, how I got here!


8. How is the professional life abroad?

Fernanda Perfeito: The rules are played a little bit differently here, and you have to take your time to insert yourself in a new community, studying the path of successful people you admire and inspire you. And, on top of that, everything around me is in English (laughs). I took English lessons every day in the morning for 5 months while going to my theatre classes. I finished the 2 year Professional Acting Program at HB Studio, a wonderful school!


Fernanda was present during Cennarium’s launch and homage to the Martha Graham Dance Company anniversary towards the end of last year, in Manhattan, NY.


About Fernanda:

Fernanda graduated in Music Education, with a background in classical voice training, and lives in New York CIty to learn and develop her skills in the musical theater world. She has graduated in the Professional Acting Program of HB Studio. Always honing her skills, Fernanda studied at CAP21, and regularly takes voice lessons with Amanda Flynn. Dance is another artistic element Perfeito is pursuing: she takes daily classes at the prestigious Steps on Broadway dance school in Manhattan, since 2016.

Check out Fernanda Perfeito’s music and social media accounts:

Youtube: Fernanda Perfeito Official

Facebook page: facebook.com/FernandaPerfeitoOfficial

Instagram: fernandaperfeitoofficial

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