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Sooner or later even some of the most talented songwriters have to face the problem of writer’s block. It is one of the worst feelings for creative individuals to experience. If you’re stuck in a rut, check out my list of seven steps that you can take to cure your writer’s block.


1) Find a title for your song before writing it

If the words aren’t on your side and it’s difficult to come up with a whole song, try thinking of the title first. You can create an entire song around a title. The title will help you form the chorus, and you can go on writing more from there. This method can be constructive and is used by many musicians to overcome writer’s block.


2) Take inspiration from the world

The most important thing in songwriting is an inspiration. Sometimes, however, it can be really hard to find. Instead of banging your head against the wall, go out and explore the world around you. Take a walk or go to a park. Experience the beauty and wonders of the world, and the song can come to you naturally. You can also read music blogs such as Green Light Booking to get some inspirations for your songs.


3) Get in touch with your emotions

Songs are made to create emotions in others, so you need to be in the mood of your song if you want to write it. For example, if you are writing a romantic song, think about your significant other and how they make you feel. If your song is about happiness, think of happy memories. Overall, feel the emotions you want the listener to your song to feel.


4) Tap into your own experiences

Another great way to get rid of writer’s block is by writing songs about your own experiences. If you have a personal connection with your writing, then the words will come easily, and you will be able to create a song with authentic and real emotions. Some of the best musicians and songwriters write about their own experiences. People can’t connect to phony and unrealistic lyrics. Incorporating your personal experiences in your songwriting can be a great way to create a fantastic song and also overcome writer’s block.


5) Play an instrument

Playing an instrument such as a guitar or a piano can be a very effective way to get rid of writer’s block. Play a melody according to the mood of your song. The words will automatically start adjusting themselves according to the music. Music can also help you get in touch with your emotions which can be very helpful in songwriting.


6) Create a storyline

Any good song has a story behind it. If you consider your song as a way to share a story, you’ll more likely have people connect with your song more authentically. Additionally, the storyline can help you get the basic idea of the song’s type and mood. Creating a storyline will help you get back into a creative headspace, and the words will start coming naturally.


7) Dig up some old projects

Every music producer or songwriter has some old incomplete projects. Digging them up is another amazing way to get some inspiration for your music. Open up these old projects and try to find something with potential.

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