Attending your first acting audition can be one of the scariest experiences of your life. From memorizing the script to performing in front of a director, it’s crucial that you prepare as best as possible for your audition. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for an audition, starting off with your confidence.


Be Confident

The first step you should take to prepare yourself for your first acting audition is to be confident, and stay confident throughout the entire process. It’s easy to give up after messing up a line or two practicing in front of a mirror or if you’re having a hard time understanding your character. Especially during your audition, it’s crucial that you stay confident, by standing up straight, looking ahead with a smile, and keeping a cool head. Getting frustrated and storming away from your audition is telling directors that you’re not an ideal actor or actress to work with. Remember, your first impression is one of the most critical factors directors consider for your role in their play, show, or movie.


Show Off Your Personality

Everyone has a specific personality, and now is the perfect time to let it shine! Directors love actors that have a distinct personality, especially one that connects an actor to their character. However, personality isn’t just about how you move your body; it’s about how you talk as well. Instead of giving directors one-word answers, ask questions and offer in-depth responses. The acting industry is looking for smart performers, not just ones that know how to learn lines.


Read the Script

Once you get the script from the casting director, it’s time to start reading it and understanding the “environment” you’ll be acting in. Fully immerse yourself in the script you have, this means learning other characters lines and doing research on the time period and setting you’re acting in. In doing so, you can give the directors a great performance and show that you’re dedicated to the role. Although this may seem like a lot of work, it’s best to go all in for your audition, rather than not even trying to make a splash.


Understand the Character

After reading the script, it’s time you start getting to understand the character you’ll be playing. This involves developing how the character will talk, how they think, how they walk and interact with other people, as well as how they might dress. By considering all these factors about your character, you can better connect with him or her and deliver an amazing performance to the casting director. Although you may not think it, they’ll see how much time you took to understand, research, and develop the character.

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Know How to Emote

It can be harder to get a role you really want if you don’t know how to emote. If you have a hard time displaying your emotions, you should consider attending an acting & theatre class to improve your skill set. While emoting in an audition, it’s crucial that you don’t stick to stereotypical emotions. For example, the obvious choice would be to yell or shout to show the anger of your character. In some scenes, being silent and not making any actions display enough emotion. You’d be surprised how effective playing the opposite emotion can affect your audience, especially the director.


Practice in Front of Peers

A perfect way to practice displaying your character and memorizing the lines in your script is by practicing in front of peers. However, if you’re feeling worried or embarrassed about running lines with a friend, you’re going to need to sort out your anxiety. Although directors may suggest outlets for dealing with performance anxiety, they’re less than willing to cast an actor or actress who has a hard time performing in front of other people. Also, if you don’t have a lot of friends to practice with, you can easily run lines and work on your character in front of a mirror, which can sometimes be even more helpful! By doing this, you can better improve your performance before an audition and perfect your actions, emotions, and lines for the role.


Have an Opinion of Your Role

There’s nothing that impresses a director more than having an opinion on your character and role. Although you don’t want to sound like you know more than the casting director, it’s never a bad idea to offer your own opinion to impress them for your role. After running your lines, offer them a couple of other different takes, as well as how you feel about the character during the scene. This will establish yourself as a smart, adaptable actor or actress that the director will want on their cast!


Remember That You’re Wanted

Don’t get disappointed if the casting director wants you to repeat the scene a few different ways. It’s important not to get stressed out about whether or not you’re failing the audition. Remember that you’re wanted; this is why you’re at the audition in the first place! All the director is looking to do is see different sides of the character, if anything, it’s showing that they’re impressed by your skills and want to see more. Plus, this is a chance to show off your acting chops to the casting director, so stay positive and give them everything you’ve got!

From reading the script to staying positive and remembering that you’re wanted at the audition, there are a few different ways you can start preparing for your acting audition. Although this can be a high-stress experience, it’s crucial that you take your time to remember your lines and understand your character, but also take a class to perfect your acting skills for your audition. Hopefully, now, you can start memorizing your lines and connecting with your character to deliver the best audition you’ve ever given. Break a leg!

How do you best prepare for an audition or casting call? Let us know in the comments!


Writer’s Bio: Donna Maurer
As an inspiring theatre actress in NYC, Donna has been creatively writing her way through acting school. Since attending her first Broadway show (Cats), Donna’s passion for performance and theatre has only grown. Currently, Donna is an active contributor to various theatre & film blogs.


Along with auditions are artist showcases, especially if you are a graduating drama school student. One important thing to remember about the actor showcase: it isn’t everything.

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