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So, you’ve decided it’s time to immerse yourself in the never-ending beauty that is New York theatre for your splurge night, but you do not know just what to see! Well, do I have good news for you! There is not a bad choice in the bunch! You just can’t go wrong! All around the city, you’ll find lots of incredible shows to get a ticket to, and then you’ll be able to come home and relax with a nice cup of tea and some Cennarium programming before bed when your evening comes to a close!

This is Part two of our installment; so if you don’t find a show that calls to you in this article, check out last week’s here or next week’s piece coming soon!

The Book Of Mormon

Five years after this musical reinvigorated Broadway, it is still difficult to get tickets for this gut-busting hit! The Book of Mormon is not for the easily offended or those with weak bladders, but if you’re looking for an evening of nonstop laughs, The Book Of Mormon is for you. Go forth and enjoy the raunchy humor, catchy tunes, and big laughs.

Love South Park or Avenue Q? If so, get thee to the O’Neill Box Office!



Something’s got to be going strong in a production if the show has been on Broadway for two decades, and Chicago has! It has seen dozens of hits and misses come and go from the great white way in its time, but this jazz musical has stood strong. The 2002 film of the same name will give you a taste of the grand spectacle that is Chicago, but the stage version is something truly special not to be missed.

Grab tickets to this classic if shows like Sweet Charity and Nine turn you into your best self.



Fresh off a successful out of town try out, Bandstand is taking Broadway by storm with its big awe inspiring dance numbers and its mega talented cast incorporated band. The show is set in 1945 after the soldiers return from World War Two when they compete in a national talent competition.

If you love how Bright Star incorporated their band in the show or incredible dance shows like Contact, Bandstand is calling your name.


Don’t feel left out if you haven’t gotten to see this game changer yet, because there is still plenty of time, and, boy oh boy, is it worth the wait! With a Broadway production, two touring casts, a Chicago sit down production, and one cast on their way to London, if you can’t swing tickets to the Broadway show (they are still super difficult to come by), it’ll be coming soon to a city near you! This rap musical tells the story of one of America’s rags to riches founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, as he makes his way from Caribbean illegitimate orphan to one of the greatest minds of the eighteenth century. It is like nothing you’ve ever seen on stage, with raps faster and more precise than a 90s duo and dances hipper than your subway “show time entertainment”. It is fresh, exciting, and a new take on the history dusted over in elementary school history books.

If you like Hamilton, and I know you do, check out the way too short lived Broadway Tupac jukebox musical, Holler if you Hear Me, or Lin-Manuel Miranda’s other brilliant works, Tony Winning In The Heights, and NPR “This American Life” special, 21 Chump Street.


This imaginative hit that has been opening hearts and minds for decades now has a fresh production in New York City! Cat’s whimsical costumes are legendary and its songs will stay in your mind for years to come.

For an unforgettable night that will indulge your creative side just as Phantom of the Opera and Sunset Boulevard have, find your way to 52nd street and enjoy the show.



I don’t know about you, but I feel the earth move under my feet! Don’t worry, it’s not an earthquake! I just love Beautiful the musical! It is a jukebox musical that follows Carole King’s career from her teenage years, through to Tapestry, all the way to stardom.

Do musicals like Motown, the musical that follows Berry Gordy’s life and career, or Neil Simon and Marvin Hamlisch’s They’re Playing Our Song make you happy? This one’s for you.

Hello, Dolly!

Another classic on Broadway once more! Starring Bette Midler (Or Donna Murphy) with a Broadway veteran ensemble behind her, follow the story of Dolly Levi and this gorgeous Jerry Herman score.

Fans of Herman’s  La Cage Aux Folles and Mame will enjoy this masterpiece.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Fresh off a successful and long West End run, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is finally bringing sugar filled fun to this side of the pond. If it’s brilliant purple interactive marquee gives you any clue, the show is filled with bright colors and magical memories. Treat yourself to a world of “pure imagination”!

So, give in to those cravings and stop by their box office if you’ve found yourself full of joy after indulging in Billy Elliot and Matilda.



This brilliant work of art is by far my favorite play of the season. It is the perfect mix of artistic genius, entertainment, historical accuracy, and a flawless cast. It is closing next month, so get to the Cort Theatre for tickets before it is too late. You absolutely will not regret seeing this masterpiece.

Indecent has the best of all worlds. Fans of Shuffle Along and Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 will enjoy this play, but so will lovers of The Diary of Anne Frank and Hamilton. There is something in it for everyone, and I honestly cannot recommend this play highly enough.

A Bronx Tale

Set in 1960s Bronx, NY this crowd pleaser based on the 1993 movie tells of the life of a kid growing up who is torn between family responsibilities and his dreams.

Lovers of Jersey Boys and Beautiful will have a blast at the Longacre seeing this gem.

So, folks, that’s all for today! Never fear, I’ll be back next week with more fun shows to see! There is never an excuse to be bored in New York City because there’s always a show right around the corner to fall in love with, whether it be live or right here on Cennarium!

By: Samantha Robins


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