There’s just nothing like a full cast musical on the west end. What makes a stage show so magical, is the performers and the costumes? They may be a huge draw but for us it’s the heart-warming tunes, ballads and solos. To get you into the spirit of the West-End, here’s…

The Top 8 Songs from Musicals you can see at the West End.

1. Music of the Night

Music of the Night is one of the most famous musical hits of all time. Sung by the Phantom after he lures Christine Daaé down to his lair under the opera for the first time. Seducing her with his masterfully prodigious voice. The song simply takes you away as the raw emotion flows from the Phantom to his love and onto the audience.


2. Can you Feel the Love Tonight

Since the magic 1994 Disney Hit, there is one song that has captured audience with his heart-warming charm. Though you may have loved The Lion King on screen, seeing the hit ‘Can you feel the love tonight‘ live on stage is something to behold. With the incredible puppetry, costumes and dancers moving before you. There are few songs that appeal to all ages. Elton John truly wrote a masterpiece with Can you Feel the Love Tonight.


3. Over the Rainbow

How can a song survive for almost 80 years and still remain such a profound part of popular culture. When Dorothy dreamed of a different life, somewhere over the Rainbow in the Wizard of Oz every audience member wanted to be with her. In a different world where dreams can come true. Originally performed by the incredible Judy Garland the song won an Academy Award and is still a favourite on the West end stage today!


4. I Dreamed a Dream

So far our list has been about positive emotions of love, romance and dreams of the future. I dreamed a dream is sung in victor Hugo’s Les Misérables by the character Fantine as she seems to have hit rock bottom. She sings about her happier days and laments all that has gone wrong with her life, wondering how she could have descended into prostitution. While the song is heart wrenching with it’s powerful emotion, it is so powerful and fills your heart as you wish the character can save herself. This is a beautiful song and one of our favourites to see at the West End.


5. Defying Gravity – Wicked

We love Wicked, the wonderful take on the world of the Wizard of Oz. Our favourite song from the amazing Broadway smash hit is Defying Gravity. Sung by the main character Elphaba, the green skinned, black clad wicked witch of the west. Elphaba shows that she is far more sympathetic than the original Wizard of Oz would have us believe and vows to fight the Wizard for his crimes against the inhabitants of Oz. This is an awesome pop solo that brings the glitz of Broadway to the West End and we simply love it.


6. And I am telling you I’m not going

Dreamgirls is one of our favourite musicals, the soul and R&B always have us tapping our feet and singing along. ‘And I am telling you I’m Not Going‘ is our favourite from the musical. This soulful show tune is a powerful number where Effie White tells her manager Curtis that she is defiantly in love with him. When Effie hits her high notes with a powerful voice is sends shivers down everyone’s spine.


7. Time Warp

It’s just a jump to the left…

Time Warp is one of the all time classic Glam Rocks songs. Let the transvestite from Transylvania get you into the groove with the most well known hit from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Time Warp has become one of the biggest audience-participation songs in musical history. The Glam Rock hit gets people out of their seat and onto their feet every time.


8. Seasons of Love

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes…

Rent is one of our all time favourite musicals we’ve seen on the West End. The story of struggling young artists living in New York City during the time of HIV/AIDS is an all time Broadway classic that mixes heartache with heart-warming tales of friendship and love. Our favourite song from Rent is Seasons of Love is one of the well known songs from the musical and is a full cast performance during the second act. Like the rest of the play, Seasons of love is tinged with both sadness and happiness together.

Tell us what your favorite songs from the west end musicals are!

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