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A Happy End

A story of a Jewish couple living in Berlin with their son when the Nazi Party takes power in Germany.



Synopsis: Set in 1932-33, "A Happy End" is the story of Mark and Leah Erdmann, a Jewish couple living in Berlin with their son. Although the signs of danger increase as the Nazi Party takes power, the family ponders whether to seek an unknown future outside their beloved Germany or stay. Reviews: “When does refusal to face reality turn destructive? How long can we ignore the warning signs of our own demise?... An intriguing and sobering tale.” The Huffington Post “The playwright has us where he wants us… There is fear now in the audience… The questions Netanyahu has summoned won’t go away. We know the answers. They won’t go away either.” Theaterscene “A thought-provoking work that handles its familiar subject matter with great care, a tale that will have you wondering what you would do in a similar situation. Many around the world are now faced with that very real decision.” This Week in NY “I feel lucky to have seen this important play… highly recommended. Plays like this must be seen.” The Culture Mom “People are warned and ignore the signs, the warnings and the evil that lurk waiting for the naïve… Will we also be too late this time…? Maybe watching A Happy End might give others insight.” Times Square Chronicles “This play shocks… It takes on a palpable urgency… This is a distressing, i.e., successful, play. Zeroing in on a single couple one naively imagines should know better, Iddo Netanyahu involves the audience at a comprehensible scale.” Woman Around Town

Title: A Happy End
Year of production: 2015
Producer: Cennarium
Running Time (min): 90min
Format: HD
Director/Filmmaker: Alex Dmitriev
Cast: Joel Ripka, Curzon Dobell, Lori Gardner, Phil Gillen, Allison Siko, Carmit Levité
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Category 1: Drama
Category 2:Performance Art