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A Year Later

Thirty years in the life of two coworkers who are forced to share their space and parts of their lives.



Synopsis: This one-act play, written specifically for this renowned pair of actors, recounts the past 30 years of their two lives. The play, an original work by Tony Laudadio uses 30 vignettes (one per each year), to tell the story of two people who work in the same office and who are forced to share the same cramped workspace. Two desks, two employees and a daily alienation which has lasted for 30 years. Scenes of ordinary office life; the inevitable weaving of desires, frustrations, and secrets of two colleagues who are forced to share much of their daily existence. Tony Laudadio (Troisi Prize Award and GirulĂ  Prize Award) has a brilliant, compelling dialogue, oscillating between reflection, squabble, sarcasm and an existential story. The play is both bitter and tender and makes you smile and reflect, thanks to the sparkling and clear on-stage chemistry of the two actors.

Title: A Year Later
Year of production: 2015
Producer: Cennarium
Running Time (min): 87min
Format: HD
Director/Filmmaker: Tony Laudadio
Cast: Enrico Ianniello, Tony Laudadio
Country of Origin: Italy
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Category 1: Drama
Category 2:Performance Art