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Cennarium America Inc. is a producer, licensor online platform and OTT channel for theatrical content, offering a wide selection of performances from around the world in high-definition encompassing a variety of genres including drama, dance, comedy, music, and opera.   We have the best libraries and universities in the world distributing our content and we invite you to join us in the democratization of the performing arts and of cultural enrichment.

The best performing arts

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Our content can be used by libraries of all sizes, anywhere in the world

  • 300+ performances in the highest-definition
  • Global content with English subtitles available in all videos
  • New titles added monthly
  • Unlimited usage and number of users
  • Modern and user-friendly platform
  • Secure integration with your proxy server
  • Multiple devices supported
  • Every performance is accompanied by a trailer and synopsis in English
  • Easy student access

Enriching performing arts experiences on all your devices 

A full catalog of performing arts content tailored to academic users, available to your library

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