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50% OFF Cennarium annual subscription!

Here are 8 benefits of having a yearly subscription with Cennarium:

  1. You will see eye-popping high definition performances: The views are BETTER than at front row seat!

  2. Getting dressed up is a hassle. Watch your favorite ballet or drama or opera relaxing in your underwear and sipping your favorite wine.

  3. Watch anywhere – on all of your devices. Yes, anywhere: computer, phone, tablet, on your TV with Chromecast. Waiting in the doctor’s office. In line at the DMV. ANYWHERE!

  4. There is no such thing as a “sold-out night.” You won’t need to worry about limited or sold-out tickets. For a full year, all you will have to worry about is what show you want to watch and which device you will be watching it on!

  5. You control the action: Pause and play at your convenience. No need to dedicate 2, 3 or even 5 straight hours of your time for one show.

  6. You can travel the world without leaving your couch: No need to wait until the greatest performances come to your city. See shows from Munich, São Paulo, Paris, Moscow… with subtitles so you can understand it all.

  7. No babysitter? No problem! You can still have a romantic evening of theater… right in your own home.

  8. Need a bathroom break during the show? No sweat! The curtains will wait for you!

Remember: this special offer will end TODAY at 11:59 PM (EST), November 27.

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