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  • By signing, how many shows can I watch each month?You will have access to our entire digital collection. You can watch as many shows as you like and as often as desired.
  • What is the advantage of purchasing the service?One of the proposals Cennarium is to bring theater to where he can not reach. You can watch shows worldwide subtitled and in the comfort of your home.
  • What is the advantage of the annual plan?The advantage is paying a single value to use our services for 12 months. Signing the annual plan you make savings of 40% compared to the monthly plan.
  • Will I have to pay for each show that will be added on the site after I’ve done my membership?No. Once you sign the Cennarium Premium you have access to all the shows, including those that will be inserted after it was signed, without having to pay any additional fee.
  • What is the frequency that new shows will be inserted on the site?The new shows on the site will be inserted monthly.
  • There is a limit of shows to be accessed by day or month?No, you can watch as many shows want without daily, monthly or annual limits. You can also watch the same show over again.
  • In addition to the signing of the site need to buy anything else?No, from the moment you make the payment, you have access to all the shows instantly; just take a tablet, computer, TV or mobile phone with internet access.
  • How is the experience of watching a recorded show?Watch a live show never cease to be a unique experience. The Cennarium respects the art, so it makes the recording of shows with the goal of bringing new insight to the audience. Are up to 12 high-definition cameras positioned strategically to bring new images to you: close-ups of the artists on stage, different angles and cameras on stage.
  • This site is reliable?Yes, we seriously respect the privacy policies with the information coming from our subscribers. Click here to see our Privacy Policy.
  • What to do in case of cancellation of the service?In the “My registration” There is an item called “Cancel My Account”. Just click on this link and confirm the operation.
  • How does the US$ 1.00 Free Trial works?First you choose the plan that would like to sign (monthly / yearly), and so you can try the service will be charged to your card Only US$ 1.00 for the first month. If you decide not to continue with the service, feel free to cancel.
  • Besides America, in which countries the Cennarium captures the shows?The Cennarium seeks to capture performances in major cultural centers of the planet. Currently already has an agreement with Brazil, England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Argentina and new are coming.
  • What should I do in case of questions?Questions can be answered at any time via our contact center, by e-mail:. 
  • What types of shows that I’ll be able to watch?The Cennarium is the world’s first site fully dedicated to the theater and Performing Arts in general. For only US$ 1 in the first month, you can watch plays, musicals, operas, dance performances, ballet, among other new features that will be added to our collection every month.
  • How is the filming of the shows? It’s like those Youtube, made with a handheld camera, full of noise and jitter?This is a very common question … But, we ensure that is completely different! For the filming of each show, the Cennarium has a complete team composed of more than 30 specialized and latest equipment professionals whose goal is to play with the greatest possible fidelity the shows that are being displayed on the main stage in Brazil and the world, making viewers feel within their own theaters.
  • Although I like theater, I do not like opera or ballet …Do not worry! The theater collection of Cennarium is constantly evolving. Each month, new plays are added, where you will always have plenty of options to choose from and watch whenever AND WHEREVER YOU you want.
  • “But I’m only interested in opera … dance …”Same is the case. Likewise the plays, the Cennarium also has a collection for opera, ballet, dance, etc., which also is constantly evolving, where new shows are always added to our collection every month.
  • If it’s so good, why is it so cheap?One of the main goals is Cennarium provide access to the world of big shows as many people as possible. That’s why we chose to put such reasonable values ??for the subscription plans.
  • I think theater should be assisted to live in theaters …This was a very common question when Cennarium emerged, especially among people in the art world. However, when we consider only the case in Brazil, where about 95% of large national theater productions are restricted to the Rio / São Paulo, and the vast majority of the population even has a theater near by, is clearly important Cennarium for the democratization of access to big shows. In addition, one of the proposals Cennarium is to offer the public a new way to watch the shows. The shots, close-ups, the angles of shooting, show details imperceptible to the public which is in theaters, enabling a new “look” of the theatrical performances staged on stage.
  • But if people can watch plays and several shows without even leaving home, this It will not get the audience to theaters? This will not decrease even more revenue opportunities for producers / Theatre stances?No! Quite the opposite! By providing access to the theater and the world of big shows to any person anywhere in the Cennarium is decisively contributing to the formation of a new public fond encouraging that more and more people attend the theaters to watch the live performances. In addition, part of the proceeds from the subscription plans revert directly to the producers / Theatre stances, fostering mounting new productions, contributing to the creation of a “virtuous cycle” for the theatrical production in Brazil and worldwide.
  • I can watch the shows of Cennarium on my TV?Yup! And it’s very easy! For all the convenience to watch directly on a computer or on a tablet or even a smartphone, offering the spectacles of Cennarium are also supported directly on TV. Just connect your computer to a TV via an HDMI or VGA cable, “give the play” and voila! You are already watching their favorite shows directly on your TV screen.