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preserving the ephemeral

Thousands of artists give their bodies and souls every day during performances all around the world. These are actors and actresses; dancers and choreographers; musicians, singers and producers; dramaturges and directors. They prepare themselves for months, and sometimes even years, to provide moments of inspiration, emotion, afterthought and entertainment to the public.

Fleeting moments of artistic expression accessible to only a handful of people. They live on only as memories in the hearts and minds of these fortunate few.

We believe in the power of the “democracy of the theater” to motivate people to appreciate other cultures, learn new ideas, and above all be entertained.
It goes beyond mere belief. We decided to dedicate ourselves for years on the filming of the most diverse shows to make them available online.

Plays, musical performances, dance shows, opera pieces, and many other forms of performing arts will be just a few clicks away.

However, in order for this ideal to become a reality, we must promote our cause to the world.
Countless performances are now eternalized here, and in order to preserve an even greater number, we need to reach and attract a larger audience.

If you also believe in preserving the cultural legacy of the performing arts, pass along this manifesto and join us in our cause.

If you are an artist, help us promote this cause to your fans.
If you are a fan of the performing arts, watch, comment, and share with your friends.
If you are new to performances on stage, take this opportunity with us to discover yourself and, most importantly, to have fun.

Your support is essential to achieving our goal.


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