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Dance, opera, circus and concert performances from Germany, France, Russia, Belgium and the United States available from anywhere on any device

NEW YORK, July 25, 2018 – Cennarium, one of the largest subscription streaming services for theatrical productions, will release ten titles for on-demand streaming in high-definition on Aug. 1. The productions range from an opera adaptation of “Hamlet” performed by the renowned Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels to the amazing feats of the Nikulin Circus in Moscow.

Audiences are increasingly consuming their favorite entertainment on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Everything from music, movies, television, sports and books are widely available to download or stream for easy viewing from anywhere at any time, however the performing arts are not yet as readily available. Cennarium is working to make the performing arts more accessible, affordable and available to audiences around the world on a digital platform.

The titles, which will be released by Cennarium Aug. 1, are:

Roxana” (Dance, United States)

“Roxana” is the first ever film adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s extraordinary 17th-century novel exploring the world of an ambitious, modern-day courtesan. Transposed into a 20th-century setting, this sumptuous production stylishly integrates music, dance, and drama to highlight the complex relationship between material ambition and sexuality.

Tango Pasión” (Documentary, Germany)

“Tango Pasión” is a passionate documentary about the famous Tango Argentino in Berlin, the largest tango community outside of Argentina and the area on the Rio de la Plata. The film shows artists and dancers who have had a huge influence over the years and who have gained worldwide recognition.

The Orangery Nights: Boléro and other dance works” (Dance, France)

Featuring four dance performances: “Bolero,” with music by Maurice Ravel; “Seven Greek Dances” with music by Mikis Theodorakis; “Etude Pour Une Dame Aux Camelias, with music by Frédéric Chopin and Francesco Cilea; and “Bhakti III,” with traditional Indian music.

Baden-Baden 2017: Tosca” (Opera, Germany)

For the Easter Festival 2017 in Baden-Baden, Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker draw their inspiration from Tosca, the most well-known and most brilliant of all Puccini operas. With Kristine Opolais as Tosca and a spectacular staging by Philipp Himmelmann this production offers a fresh view of a beloved classic.

Nikulin Circus” (Circus, Russia)

Nikulin is one of the oldest and most well-respected circuses in Russia. The most famous artists have performed within its historic building constructed in 1880 forming a circus dynasty.

Hamlet” (Opera, Belgium)

The famous story of Hamlet and Ophelia is played out between the opposite poles of real and feigned madness, love and avenge. After the murder of his father, Hamlet opposes the marriage of his mother and his uncle, at the expense of his beloved and himself. When Ambroise Thomas chose Shakespeare’s Hamlet as the subject of his new opera, France had been under the spell of the English bard for many years and Ophelia had inspired romantic artists.

Vespro della Beata Vergine” (Concert, France)

In 1610, Monteverdi gave his Vespers for the Virgin in Mantova, before conquering Saint-Mark’s Basilica in Venice. It is the first great religious masterpiece of baroque. It has remained one of the key works in the universal musical heritage. After the genius of Orfeo (1607) the Vespers use its opening fanfare again and confirm Monteverdi as the main composer of his time. The Vespers concert in 2010 left such vivid memories that it was proposed to John Eliot Gardiner to make a video of the 2014 concert. A unique encounter between Gardiner, Monteverdi, and Versailles.

Two Ballerinas at the Royal Ballet” (Documentary, United States)

This program focuses on two of The Royal Ballet‘s outstanding ballerinas and affords an insight into the methods of the company itself and the sacrifices necessary to achieve success in the dance world today. Partnered by Irek Mukhamedov and Zoltan Solymosi, Durante and Bussell are seen performing a wide range of work from nineteenth-century classics such as “Giselle” and “Swan Lake” to modern works. Many key figures in British ballet make contributions.

Ravel by Cherkaoui/Verbruggen” (Dance, Belgium)

The French composer Maurice Ravel remains a source of inspiration for any choreographer. Artistic director and star choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and rising talent Jeroen Verbruggen take their vision of Ravel’s music to the stage. Jeroen Verbruggen, who as a young student dancer at the Royal Ballet School won the Prix de Lausanne, has drawn his inspiration from Ravel’s Pavane pour une Infante défunte and from Ma mère l‘oye. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui also translates Ravel into dance, opting for Pictures at an Exhibition, which was originally composed by Modest Mussorgsky, but which was later orchestrated by Ravel to become the most widely performed orchestration of this work.

Malandain Ballet Biarritz: Roméo et Juliette” (Dance, Spain)

“Romeo and Juliet” is about the personal hatred existing between the two most powerful families in Verona, the Montaigus and the Capulets. It is also about the tragic fate of two innocent lovers. Thierry Malandain uses that mythical love story about love and death, while relying on Hector Berlioz’s “Symphonie Dramatique” to lift the gravestone over a dream that was too beautiful. Here, the choreography of Malandain is created with arabesques, pirouettes, jumps, constantly broken and redistributed in an urgent motion.

Cennarium America Inc. is a producer, licensor and online platform for theatrical content, offering subscribers a wide selection of performances from around the world in high-definition encompassing a variety of genres including drama, dance, comedy, music and opera. The company is headquartered in New York and has offices in France and Brazil. More information is available at, on Twitter (@cennarium), Instagram (@CennariumUSA) and Facebook (/CennariumUSA).

Contact: Steve Honig, The Honig Company, LLC, 818-986-4300,

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