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The festival is now over. However, there will be more in 2018. Keep an eye out for future updates and announcements regarding Promenade!

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Promenade is the first digital global performing arts festival.

But what does that really mean?

  • Hosted by Cennarium, the Promenade Festival is a 10-day digital streaming festival where people are be able to join online to watch well-known and high-definition performances of various performing arts genres.
  • Promenade is FREE! During the festival, anyone anywhere on the planet can enjoy the shows pre-recorded live broadcast set to Promenade’s schedule. Desktop or mobile connection to the internet is the principal ingredient in becoming a member of the Promenade audience. Once registered with an email address, the ticket-links are sent and the magic begins.
  • There are two showing room options available every festival day. It is as close to the live experience of a global theatre festival anyone can get at home.


With no formal stage, and the audience and actors occupying the same space, it allows for experimentations with both new and old plays, and explores what the theatrical experience can entail for an audience. In moving the audience around throughout the performance, this genre of theatre also pushes boundaries of setting in a way that can’t be achieved in regular theatre.

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