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Clean Up All the Blood Before it Stains the Carpet


Clean Up All the Blood Before it Stains the Carpet is a morbidly hilarious work by Jô Bilac. The play is split into two stories which take place concurrently. The first, the thread of the whole plot, features Wilson an insecure and frustrated adult vying for a job in a large corporation. Upon meeting his competition Pierre, who is confident and outgoing, Wilson decides he must sabotage him. Sabrina, Wilson's fiancé is a private nurse who takes care of a woman who has been dead for days. Not wanting to lose her job, or access to the dead woman's credit card, she doesn't inform the woman's family. This play explores the ethics, or lack thereof, that influence how we strive to achieve our goals in life.

Production Notes

  • Theatre Company
  • Companhia dos Inquietos
  • Parental rating
  • Not recommended for children under 18
  • Duration
  • 62 min
  • Original language
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Subtitles
  • English
  • Year
  • 2011
  • In theaters
  • No
  • Category / Genre
  • Drama

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