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Dracula, The Musical


For the sake of his true love, the world’s most famous vampire sacrifices his immortality; which we find in the unforgettable creation of the most successful pair in Argentinean musicals named after him: Dracula. Macabre and passionate, the historical creature pierces us with its signature intensity through the camera lens.

This multiple award-winning hit, including the ACE (1992), the Prensario (1992) and the Estrella de Mar (1993) awards, features Damián Mahler as the Orchestra Director; choreography and lighting by Pepe Cibrián Campoy, stage design by Carlos López Cifani, and costumes by Fabián Luca, who created the original pieces, and Alfredo Miranda, who designed the new pieces.

The musical that toured the country and the world for 25 years is undoubtedly one of the masterpieces created by Pepe Cibrián Campoy, author and director, and Angel Malher, composer.

The play retells the story of Count Dracula, immortalized by Bram Stoker in his 1897 novel, with an exceptional cast: Juan Rodó as Dracula, Candela Cibrian as Mina, Leonel Fransezze as Jonathan; Luna Perez Léning as cousin Lucy, possessed by the Count’s spirit; Adriana Rolla shines in the role of Dracula’s nanny and love, and Germán Barceló is Van Helsing. These cherished actors are backed by talented dancers and singers, who compose several group scenes.


Production Notes

  • Parental rating
  • Parental rating information not available.
  • Duration
  • 159 min
  • Original language
  • Spanish
  • Subtitles
  • English
  • Year
  • 2011
  • In theaters
  • No
  • Category / Genre
  • Musical

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