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Punishment Without Revenge


It is considered as the pinnacle of Lope de Vega’s dramatic work. It is one of his latest plays and in it Lope broadly showcases all of his technique, talent and wisdom in service of a show where the audience can enjoy letting themselves to be walked by the course of the action as well as the charm of the words that arise from the internal fight of the characters, with a language of tremendous poetic beauty that sheds light on the most impregnable spaces of the human condition.

The theme of The Punishment without Revenge could be stated with a simple question: ¿How to act or proceed when what one wants to do, is in contradiction with what one should do? ¿Who has not ever faced this dilemma? ¿Who can say that any of the two choices guarantees that things will go right? ¿Who would dare to judge which way to act is correct in a similar situation? In The Punishment without Revenge there are no good or bad actions, there are no injustices to rebel against, there are no evils or tyrants that provoke dramatic situations. It is a situation in which, just as in our lives, characters try to do the right thing, and avoid suffering. However, that does not prevent tragedy from happening.


Production Notes

  • Theatre Company
  • Fundación Siglo de Oro (RAKATá)
  • Country
  • Spain
  • Parental rating
  • Parental rating information not available.
  • Duration
  • 105 minutes
  • Original language
  • Spanish
  • Year
  • 2014
  • In theaters
  • No
  • Category / Genre
  • Drama

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