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The Dog in the Manger


This is a story of blue blood, eroticism and privileges, those held by the aristocracy in the early XVII century. The dog in the manger, a drama full of love, envy, jealousy, and honor was written in 1613 by the great playwright Lope de Vega.

The action, set in Naples, narrates the story of Diana, Countess of Belflor. Diana is a beautiful and stubborn young lady who is hassled by various aristocratic suitors who want to marry her though she rejects them time after time. One night, when she sees her secretary making love with her favorite lady-in-waiting, she falls madly in love with him and is sick with jealousy.

This is the story of a love triangle, of forbidden loves and treacheries, which happens when Naples was a Spanish city. This way, the Countess household, manipulated by noblemen, represents that part of the Spanish society that lived abroad. The European setting allows Lope to introduce many Italian plots and influences, which he loved greatly.


Production Notes

  • Theatre Company
  • Fundación Siglo de Oro (RAKATá)
  • Country
  • Spain
  • Parental rating
  • Parental rating information not available.
  • Duration
  • 132 minutes
  • Original language
  • Spanish
  • Year
  • 2014
  • In theaters
  • No
  • Category / Genre
  • Drama

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