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“Glorious!” is the life story of the famous American singer Florence Foster Jenkins. Despite the complete her lack of rhythm, pitch and tone, this amazing woman became enormously popular with the audiences. Critics mercilessly scolded her, but tickets for her performances were sold out weeks in advance, with the audience willing to pay a high premium just to see her in concert. Her contemporaries called Jenkins the greatest worst singer ever. Nevertheless, Jenkins always had a lot of admirers, and those admirers were not completely ignorant musically. The famous Enrico Caruso was one of Florence’s admires.

Ignoring the mocking by her critics, Florence appeared on stage in a bright shiny dress with angelic wings behind her back, as she gave spirited singing performances. “People can say I can’t sing, but no one could say that I do not sing,” Jenkins used to reply. The audience adored her courage, sincerity, eccentricity and unbelievable inner freedom.

The play “Glorious”, by Peter Quilter, was staged for the first time in Moscow at the Mossovet Theater on October 28, 2013. This touching, funny and very charming tragicomedy by Quilter has achieved phenomenal success. For the first five years, it was translated into 15 languages and staged in all continents.

Fearless, vivid and different from anyone, Jenkins is the perfect character for Roman Viktyuk, whose entire body or work Roman is dedicated to such people. The audience should be prepared for a poignant, honest, provocative and colorful staging about one of the most amazing women in the world.

“Why do people still remember Jenkins, why has she not vanished from people’s memory, even after 70 years since her death?”, asks Viktyuk. The reason, as the Italians say, is il fuoco sacro, the “sacred fire”, that burned throughout her life, helping her turn into a different character on stage.

Dmitriy Bozin describes the main character: “There have been any holy fools among my characters. Many people exist beyond the limits of the mind, but a holy fool is a different thing. I have been eager to explore this kind of role for a long time. And, after playing Rudolf Nureyev, Florence is the second real-life character I’ve played. This type of play demands a different approach.”


Production Notes

  • Theatre Company
  • Roman Viktiuk Theatre
  • Country
  • Russia
  • Parental rating
  • Not recommended for children under 18
  • Duration
  • 140 minutes
  • Original language
  • Russian
  • Year
  • 2015
  • In theaters
  • No
  • Category / Genre
  • Comedy

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