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The Polish Girls – Flowers of Sludge


Almost forgotten in the darkest depths of remembrance, the life of young Eastern European Jewish prostitutes who immigrated in the 19th century to the Americas – most of them wiled by the Zwi Migdal women trafficking network – comes under the limelight in the play The Polish Girls - Flowers of Sludge. On stage, the audience finds samba and polka, pain and humor and an original production featuring black and Jewish prostitutes as the protagonists of an amazing narrative, based on a true story meshed with fictional elements.


Production Notes

  • Parental rating
  • Not recommended for children under 16
  • Duration
  • 85 min
  • Original language
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Subtitles
  • English
  • Year
  • 2012
  • In theaters
  • No
  • Category / Genre
  • Musical

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