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Rolando Villazóns “L’Elisir d’Amore” In The Wild West


This documentary tells the story of this “story within a story” and reveals the creative process of staging Donizetti’s, “L’Elisir d’Amore”. We follow Rolando Villazón through this production. His directorial work, rehearsals with singers and actors, his interplay with the young conductor Pablo Heras-Casado and the task of directing himself is what forms the core of the story in the end. What was Villazón thinking of this western-production? What play (on clichés) are at play here? How does he manage the collaboration with fellow performers who not only sing with but are suddenly staged by him? How will the dynamics develop on the team? How does the production develop through rehearsals right up to the premiere? In a classic documentary format, the film follows what happens prior to the premiere. Interview sequences and a close camera on Villazón and the protagonists at his side, serve to answer these questions.


Production Notes

  • Parental rating
  • Parental rating information not available.
  • Duration
  • 29 min
  • Original language
  • English
  • Year
  • 2012
  • In theaters
  • No
  • Category / Genre
  • Documentary

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