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“The Liar is a famous comedy, full of fulminating gags. The misconstructions giving life to the story are both the result of a joyful theatrical taste, and of an entire human pathology: the protagonist, Lelio, with his never-ending lies, triggers a perverse and inexorable mechanism that will ultimately ruin him, violently tearing him away from the society into which he desperately tries to fit. Lelio is a boaster and a liar, but he is essentially an outcast, the victim of a society that is too serious, too greedy and incapable of any feelings that are not dictated by interest or conformism. He is a human being who was forgotten by everybody, including his father, who was absent from Lelio’s youth. Intolerant of any constraints, he tries to set himself free by any means, but it’s all useless: Lelio, who lives in his own world, is the victim of the world of others. A hostage of the petty bourgeois and hypocritical world of Pantalone, in his revolt against the norms of the forefathers, he appears almost like a follower of Don Giovanni.

This tragicomic figure is surrounded by a group of comic and cruel, greedy, suspicious and credulous characters. Even the women who appear in this comedy, while victims of a strict and harsh patriarchal society, cannot escape the conformism that is ridiculed by Lelio’s lies. It is a hilarious and bitter comedy. Uneasiness and the fear permeate through the sharp humor. As Fassbinder had well understood, and as Roberto Alonge has keenly noted, Goldoni is a modern author, with flashes of true contemporaneity.

The Liar offers many opportunities for a direction inspired by the theatrical play, which relies on a group of formidable actors able to captivate and continuously surprise the audience.

The Liar is a major arrival point for our Company, which has long been committed to proposing vivid readings of classical playwrights and has enjoyed a tremendous reception by the audience. We must look at Goldoni as we looked at Shakespeare: trying to make the most of his poetic force, his enthralling feelings, and his contemporaneity. Our Company has a simple and vivid style which, I believe, could adapt well to Goldoni, drawing him closer to the great authors of our time, like Brecht, Brook, and giving him a quick, cinema-like narrative rhythm. Goldoni is the most popular of our authors. I believe that meeting him is the natural destiny of a Company which, as its name indicates, wants to be Popular.” (Valerio Binasco)

Production Notes

  • Theatre Company
  • Oblomov Films
  • Country
  • Italy
  • Parental rating
  • Parental rating information not available.
  • Duration
  • 141 minutes
  • Original language
  • Italian
  • Year
  • 2014
  • In theaters
  • No
  • Category / Genre
  • Comedy

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