Elisabeth Naske: Die Rote Zora

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Red Zora is a contemporary opera especially written and directed for a young audience. A courageous girl, called Red Zora, is the leader of a gang of orphans in 1930s Croatia who are fighting against injustice and unscrupulousness. Composer Elisabeth Naske lets the spectators immerse into the fascinating Mediterranean atmosphere of Kurt Held’s classic among books for young people. The stirring rhythms and the imaginative stage design are fascinating not only the young spectators.

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Production Notes

Theatre Company: Monarda Arts

Category / Genre: Opera

Country: Germany

Parental rating: Parental rating information not available.

Duration: 114 minutes

Original language: German

Subtitles: English and German

Director: Julia Hertäg

Dramaturgy: Bettina Auer

Orchestra: Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin

Music: Elisabeth Naske

Conductor & Musical Director: Catherine Larsen-Maguire

Performers: Olivia Vermeulen (Zora), Adrian Strooper (Branko), Christoph Schröter (Nikola), David Williams (Djuro), Milos Bulajic (Pavle), Julia Giebel (Zlata), Thomas Scheler (Karaman), Carsten Sabrowski (Gorian)

Staging: Jasmina Hadziahmetovic

Venue: Komische Oper Berlin – Germany

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